Phoenix Rising 🔥 for the skilled and passionate people of @lwsorchestra. Thank you for bringing me on to illustrate your first in-person concert in a couple years; celebrating the cultures of Asia, the Pacific Islands, and Hawaii ❤️ ...

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@lou.yardley’s senior project with @cep_uw: a participatory public art project in the lively UDistrict!
Thank you for bringing me on to illustrate your findings of people’s thoughts and emotions about this wonderful neighborhood.

Watch her video “Making Art, Making Community” (link in bio) detailing the project and how this utility box tries to distill the many tempos, modalities, and scenes of the University District 💜💛

Congratulations and I hope you’re enjoying your travels!
Thanks to @udistrictpartnership for making this possible.

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Here is this whole banana for the good people of @whitewhalebks in beautiful Pittsburgh! Thank you for having me 🥰 and for the painting company!

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hardly interrupting slo-mo photo dump for a sneap peep of what trouble me and this ladder have been getting into this week 🌰🥜🫘

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@calmserv labeling the sawce • it is year 4 of growing peppers on the apartment balcony, we are growing five different varieties this year. #balconysauce ...

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Layered panel texture 🫠 heavy body paint is brain-meltingly yummy

Detail from a project with @wastemanagement via (@urbanartworks + @colehourcohen). Panel fabrication from @laserfremont 💖

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Layered wood panel installation for @wastemanagement from the beginning of the year ♻️♻️♻️
Thank you for inviting me to add to an amazing ongoing multicultural outreach campaign and letting me take it into the third dimension 🤓

Combining elements from existing artworks and poems from other local artists all focused on communicating recycling services our Vietnamese, Chinese, and Korean speaking communities with some of the most accessible and culturally relevant recyclables: food packaging!

Huge thank you to @urbanartworks for getting us connected and @colehourcohen for all the work on the campaign.
amazing panel digifab by @laserfremont

Install and photo by Fred Wong

#illustration #publicart #seattleartist

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Slomo photo dump continues…completed Ruddy Kingfisher detail for the good people of @halcyonbrewingco 🌬🌊🕊this was the best way to end 2021, thanks for having me! 💖💖💖

#mural #illustration #publicart #seattleartist #seattlemuralist #muralart

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Sharing some very belated project pics over the next week or so, like this progress shot @halcyonbrewingco! Their namesake Ruddy Kingfisher bringin on those halcyon days, and delivering some fresh hops. I wish they were really that big, or I was that small. 💙🧡💛💜❤️💚

thanks @calmserv for helping out and taking pics 😋
#mural #illustration #publicart #seattleartist #seattlemuralist #muralart

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Baby mounted n painted linoleum block for @gallery.ergo’s Green Around the Gills group show 🫒🦴🧱 Thanks for having me! Come through for the opening reception with a bunch of other sick pieces by your faves: 10 June, 5-8pm at the Market ...

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zodiac race across @luckyenvbrewing ❤️🐭🐮🐯🐰🐲🐍🐴🐐🐵🐔🐶🐷❤️ drone footage from @raymondkwanphotography with major mural assist from a frigid April and @hashtaggradschool @stepfrae @calmserv • #mural #illustration #publicart #seattleartist #seattlemuralist #muralart #chinesezodiac ...

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The king 👑 of all animals 🐯(as shown by the character 王, king, on his forehead) in process with @stepfrae! Drone photography by @raymondkwanphotography 🤩• Papercut decorations are associated with luck and happiness during festivals, holidays, and @luckyenvbrewing’s 7th Anniversary this Friday and Saturday! 🌟 Thank you for having us make this gigantic zodiac race a reality ❤️❤️❤️

#mural #illustration #publicart #seattleartist #seattlemuralist #muralart #chinesezodiac

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Up in the air with @luckyenvbrewing and their Chinese papercut, zodiac race inspired mural! 🧧🌼🧧🌼 It is nearly complete, thank you so much for having me and the amazing crew @stepfrae @calmserv @hashtaggradschool

#mural #illustration #publicart #seattleartist #seattlemuralist #muralart #chinesezodiac

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how do i feel what do i say ...

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life finds a way ...

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I did not get it together for a lunar new year illustration this year so here is a belated detail shot of an old #linocut block. • Happy year of the Tiger - Wishing you all of the love, joy, and abundance!! ❤️‍🔥🥬🧧🐯🍊♥️✨ • Hot take: The relief block is more interesting than the prints you pull off it most of the time. At least for these detailed single-color prints, anyways. It shows the subtractive process and the texture created in the negative space. ...

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In both love and licorice poisoning (it is a real thing) there are irregular heartbeats 💓💗💓 Card illustration for @theochocolate’s 2022 Valentine’s Day collection, inspired by their limited edition salted black licorice chocolate bar and celebrating the plants that give the most polarizing candy it’s signature flavor: Licorice and Anise! Thank you for having me in your amazing artist lineup. 💗💗💗

#illustration #valentine #seattleartists

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