The king 👑 of all animals 🐯(as shown by the character 王, king, on his forehead) in process with @stepfrae! Drone photography by @raymondkwanphotography 🤩• Papercut decorations are associated with luck and happiness during festivals, holidays, and @luckyenvbrewing’s 7th Anniversary this Friday and Saturday! 🌟 Thank you for having us make this gigantic zodiac race a reality ❤️❤️❤️

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Up in the air with @luckyenvbrewing and their Chinese papercut, zodiac race inspired mural! 🧧🌼🧧🌼 It is nearly complete, thank you so much for having me and the amazing crew @stepfrae @calmserv @hashtaggradschool

#mural #illustration #publicart #seattleartist #seattlemuralist #muralart #chinesezodiac

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I did not get it together for a lunar new year illustration this year so here is a belated detail shot of an old #linocut block. • Happy year of the Tiger - Wishing you all of the love, joy, and abundance!! ❤️‍🔥🥬🧧🐯🍊♥️✨ • Hot take: The relief block is more interesting than the prints you pull off it most of the time. At least for these detailed single-color prints, anyways. It shows the subtractive process and the texture created in the negative space. ...

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In both love and licorice poisoning (it is a real thing) there are irregular heartbeats 💓💗💓 Card illustration for @theochocolate’s 2022 Valentine’s Day collection, inspired by their limited edition salted black licorice chocolate bar and celebrating the plants that give the most polarizing candy it’s signature flavor: Licorice and Anise! Thank you for having me in your amazing artist lineup. 💗💗💗

#illustration #valentine #seattleartists

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2021 🌽 time: Thanks for being here and sticking around, I grew and learned a lot 🌟 Most importantly, there are so many awesome people in your community working tenderly, working very hard, and making a real difference in REAL lives - I promise! I had the great privilege of meeting and working with some of them, and I am forever inspired and grateful ❤️❤️❤️

Don’t let anyone convince you there isn’t something amazing happening everyday, even among the many important issues we face or whichever billionaire is going off to space this week.

TL;DR sh*t’s f***ed but we can try to not let it destroy us xx

Please let’s help remind one another of that and help each other find and support those people, to sustain us as we continue the very hard work of cultivating a more just and kind world.

Thanks for keeping me company this year, I love it - let’s keep making cool stuff!

📸: @calmserv

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progress timelapse on this very sweet ruddy kingfisher for @halcyonbrewingco 🥰🥰 all in a day’s work! 🤞 wrapping it up tomorrow • painting assist by @calmserv

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mirror foil moment on this fine solstice day, it’s the annual household holiday card!🪞🪞 I heard if you turn it upside down and ask if who is the fairest one of all, a nice voice will tell you so 😈 here’s to incrementally brighter days ahead! have a happy, healthy holiday season, and thanks for sticking around - makin’ my whole year so ding-dang great 💕• #illustration #foilprinting #holidaycard ...

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yeah, painting and linework !! 👽 back from an install @veraproject

#mural #illustration #publicart #seattleartist #seattlemurals #seattlemuralist #muralart

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First layer of this graphic inky-blue lettering process after-hours 🦋 with @stepfrae on the recently photographed temporary art and wayfinding project with @fruitsuper and @1420_fifth_avenue

This was the perfect project to transition from outdoor installs to indoor installs this past August! Loved painting with in company of muralists @akibbel and @madeafterhours ❤️‍🔥

#mural #handlettering #publicart #wayfinding #seattleartist #seattlemurals #muralart

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Western Columbine (Aquilegia formosa), Acrylic 4”x4” • I imagine fairies love to wear these 🧚‍♂️ 🧚 🧚‍♀️ I wish I could!! • 3 of 3 PNW wildflower paintings showing @atlantisatthemarket later this week, For Your Health group coaster show 🍻

#aquilegiaformosa #westerncolumbine #acrylicpainting

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Cascade Aster (Eucephalus ledophyllus) / Acrylic 4”x4” • 2 of 3 showing @atlantisatthemarket later this week! Thanks to @_____matt__midgley_____ for including me in this lineup with some awesome Seattle area artists 🤠 For Your Health group show opening 17 Sept, 4-8pm - see you at the Market, get you some affordable original art 💥💥

#cascadeaster #eucephalusledophyllus #asterledophyllus #pnwildflowers #acrylicpainting

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Avalanche Lily (Erythronium montanum) / Acrylic 4”x4” • 1 of 3 coasters for a group show @atlantisatthemarket later this week! Lots of great artists, and all work is priced $50 or less. Thanks for the invite @_____matt__midgley_____ ☺️ • I didn’t get to go hiking as much this spring/summer - painting subalpine wildflowers is the next best thing!

For Your Health Coaster Show
***masks required***
Opening 17 Sept, 4-8 pm
Atlantis Gallery in Pike Place Market, Seattle

#avalanchelily #erythroniummontanum #pnwwildflowers #acrylicpainting

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The volunteers killed blocking-in color on this extremely textured stucco wall 🥰 The full mural which I keep neglecting to share! • #mural #illustration #publicart #seattleartist #seattlemurals #muralart ...

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process from my magnolias+magpies mural. I originally drew this because I missed my grandparents in Shanghai, and these birds remind me of where they live, and the time I have spent with them there.

In Asia, these magpies are associated with good fortune and joy in several cultures. It is even a symbol of Korean identity! Magnolias are long-lived flowering trees that are associated with perseverance, I like to think it is also because the ancient genus evolved before bees and were instead pollinated by beetles.

#illustration #picasericea

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acanthus for longevity and the arts. happy 20th anniversary @veraproject!! thanks for having me 💕💕💕 r/photoshopbattles my terrifying handstand face • 📸 and installation lifeline @calmserv • #mural #illustration #publicart #seattleartist #seattlemurals #seattlemuralist #muralart ...

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progress shot for a mural @veraproject ⚡️⚡️⚡️• #mural #illustration #publicart #seattleartist #seattlemurals #seattlemuralist #muralart ...

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here we go again!🤘chalking it up with @veraproject and @calmserv • #mural #illustration #publicart #seattlemurals #muralart ...

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